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Distro updates 29.4.2012 (CICUTOXIN & KÄPYKAARTI)

These bands know how to roll, but aren't afraid to use some unorthodox instruments as well.


Cicutoxin - Demo 2010 tape

Cicuta virosa is a venomous plant often met in various wet locations. Cicutoxin is the lethal poison in that plant, and also a doom/sludge band from central Finland. Cicutoxin recorded these six fantastic pieces of doom gospel already in 2010, but this monster with elegant sleeves wasn't unleashed until now. They also have a violin, but don't use it in a My Dying Bride-manner. If you're into doomy kind of music, then this is your poison. Instead of renewing your prescription, get some Cicutoxin-tape instead to scare off those demons inside your head.

Listen to some samples here. And by the way, the actual cover differs from the version presented here.


4 €


Käpykaarti - Helppoja ratkaisuja moniulotteisiin ongelmiin 7"

Käpykaarti is a punk band, that should be known by just about everybody. Käpykaarti continues the work which was started by bands like Olotila, Pax Americana and Alakulttuurin Kusipäät. But let's forget them, because Käpykaarti is a story of it's own. A story fueled with political lyrics and a saxophone. This is not their first record, but at least it's their first output on magical seven inches. Four songs full of solutions. Solution? Käpykaarti, the band of the jolly fishermen! And punk is not only about the music? Who would have thought...

Sarasteen Pienmuovi.

4 €

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