sunnuntai 16. maaliskuuta 2014

Raptus – Se minkä aurinko ympäröi Tape OUT NOW

Raptus is the most underrated finnish rock band based in Tampere. And a four-headed demon. They released a 7” EP a while ago, and this ”Se minkä aurinko ympäröi” tape was bred as a companion for that record. These six songs recorded in the same sessions where those 7” tracks were crafted, but these are different songs. If you want to describe Raptus' musical output, you could say it's neurotic noise rock blended with post-punk elements and most importantly; love. Get both the 7” and the tape for the ultimate Raptus experience! Have a listen! 

The official release date is/was 15th March. Yeah, it was yesterday, so the tape is available for orders! This is a split release with the awesome Shitsuck Tapes And Stuff label. Support them too!

The cost for single tape is four (4) euros, and the shipping fees will be added. Available for wholesales as well.

If you want to order the tape from JPAR, you can write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or place your order thru Bigcartel.

tiistai 11. maaliskuuta 2014

Updates 11.3.2014

Just to let you know that "Se minkä aurinko ympäröi" tape by Raptus will be out soon. In the meantime, here's some distro updates:

1981 – Solutions / Dancing 5 €
Ghastly – Serpentine Union / The Divine Fire 5 €
Split: Lörsson / Boy in Love 5 €

The Estranged – S/t 12 €
The Estranged – Type Foundry Session 12 €

Ajatuksen Valo # 9 (Kuudes Silmä, Maria, The Estranged, Spectres, Countdown to Armageddon etc), 5 €

I'm running out of Ajatuksen Valo issue 6 and 7,5. Both of their prices are now reduced to cost 2 euros per copy! Better act fast!