keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012

JPAR-002: Salaneuvosto - Live at Haukijärvi Tape OUT NOW

The first live tape from these mysterious Pori/Helsinki-based dub masters. They are currently working on new material, so this document of their live magic is merely a sample of their true potential. Chill out with this tape before Salaneuvosto unleashes another dub storm over us all. Recorded at Haukijärvi, summer 2011. What a magical evening! Weren't here myself, so that assumption is purely based on my imagination.

Monotonous? Yes.
Instrumental? Yes.
Captivating? Hell yes.

Co-release with Black Floyd's Tapes. Limited to 50 copies. 40 minutes.

4,5 € including postage (otherwise it's 4 €). You can order it by sending email to yours truly at piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ÄT

sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

Since I've been gone... (some updates)

Been away for a while, but here's some updates!

The Escapist -cassette

Great new punk band from Jyväskylä with influences from The Zounds, Leatherface, Bad Religion, Crass etc. Melodic touch, five songs. Really moved my heart, so it's recommended that you should get this one, too. A poster-like lyric sheet and a download voucher are also included.

Visit their bandcamp and listen it for yourself.

Ruori Records / Parta Records. 2012.

2 €


Bad Jesus Experience - II 10"

Don't let the kittens fool you! This record is about furious and straight-to-the-point hardcore. Ten inches, ten songs and each of them rips you apart. Witness these people playing live.

Tuska & Ahdistus / Kämäset Levyt / Nunchakupunk / Grey Inferno Records. 2012.

Got only one of these. And yes, Bandcamp is also invented.

8 €


Hotguitars / Drake's Medicine - Split 7"

Some experimental stuff, which would make a lovely present for your grandmother, assuming she still holds proper equipment to listen to this one split of a rollercoaster. Being dead or alive is not an issue.
Weird and noisy. Also there's some instructions for you how to listen, handle, clean and store this record.

Porigian Hotguitars-side holds three separate songs, and one of them is divided into five sections as Grind Sinphony. On the other side, Drake's Medicine is responsible of one peaceful, not that chaotic song.

Kevyt Nostalgia / Sweetcore Records. 2004.

4 €


Ill Blood -zine

A fresh new zine from Turku of Finland. Interviews with Foreseen, Upright, The Rival Mob and Green Menace Records. There's also some photos. Hardcore.

Xeroxed, so black & white. A5, 30something pages.


3 €

sunnuntai 6. toukokuuta 2012

Left Cold -offer (Limited)

The next bloke who orders the "Symptoms of Our Time" -seven incher also receives a free copy of Left Cold's first demo. CD-R, three songs. Only 150 pieces of this were made in late 2009. Three dudes out of four (now LC is a 5-piece band) still play in the band.  Perhaps this demo gives only a short insight on their true potential, but it's still a interesting chapter of Left Cold's history.


torstai 3. toukokuuta 2012

AV # 1 AVAILABLE AGAIN + Distro up to date, tadam (3.5.2012)

Got some more copies of Ajatuksen Valo # 1 -zine. It's still 2 euros + postage, or via hand-to-hand in Pori-area. The additional zines aren't ready because Johnny Park forgot them completely, so they will be available a bit later, maybe next week. Now make some orders and get something to read before they're from JPAR or local distros (Karkia Mistika [Pori], Psychedelica & Diskordia [Oulu], Räkälevyt [Turku] Tuska & Ahdistus, Tampere Hardcore Coalition + Kämäset Levyt quite soon [Tampere], Face Your Gods [Hämeenlinna] or Pupu's Bistro [Jyväskylä]) before they're sold out again. There won't be a third pressing. Promise!

Plus some pieces of plastic are also added to the distro:


Aura Saturnal - The Will Return

Cosmic yet noisy and chaotic black metal. Aura Saturnal is a one-man side project of Luxixul Sumering Auter, the band involved with Tampere-based Cosmic Church. Analog 4-track recording guarantees the kvltest lo-fi experience. Two tracks.

Ancient Tomb. 2011.

5 €. Only few copies available.


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