keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012

JPAR-002: Salaneuvosto - Live at Haukijärvi Tape OUT NOW

The first live tape from these mysterious Pori/Helsinki-based dub masters. They are currently working on new material, so this document of their live magic is merely a sample of their true potential. Chill out with this tape before Salaneuvosto unleashes another dub storm over us all. Recorded at Haukijärvi, summer 2011. What a magical evening! Weren't here myself, so that assumption is purely based on my imagination.

Monotonous? Yes.
Instrumental? Yes.
Captivating? Hell yes.

Co-release with Black Floyd's Tapes. Limited to 50 copies. 40 minutes.

4,5 € including postage (otherwise it's 4 €). You can order it by sending email to yours truly at piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ÄT

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