keskiviikko 13. kesäkuuta 2012


Went out of town again. Here's some additions to the distro;

Treblinka - Muistatko...? CD

Legendary hardcore-band, which featured members who later on went to play in Juggling Jugulars and Klamydia. Strong Toinen Vaihtoehto-connections. Don't let the Klamydia-connection fool you, this is among the best 80s hardcore bands which never came from Vaasa City. Contains their FULL discography.

100nisti Levyt. 2009.

4 €


Nistikko - Totaalinen Hävitys CS

Grindcore in the way it's meant to be played. A bit lofi at times, but that's only a good thing. Contains their full-lenght album, demos and EPs, ranging from 2007 to 2011. Here's some catchy tunes to blast out off your ghettoblaster whilst on the way to the sunny beach! Check 'em out!

Hisstapes. 2012

3 €


Ill Omen / Get Stiches - Split 7"

Turku Hardcore, in a metallic way. These squirrels rip your heart out and feed it your mother. Two songs from both bands. They're quite young bands, yet they know how to play their TCHC. Also some guest vocalists are involved. Recommended.

Poolside Records / Killing the Legacy Records. 2010.

2 €

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