keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

Abhorrent Visions # 2 OUT NOW!

It's time to let the second installment of Abhorrent Visions mag out of it's leech-infested cage. We have interviews with Forced Kill, Condor, Vigilance, Evilnight, Castle Freak, Carrion-zine, Revel in Flesh and Black Crucifixion. On top of that, there's also some articles and plenty of record, zine and live reviews on 52 A4 sized black & white pages. Written in english! Unlike the first issue, we have now more old school feel to the mag, as the picture down below suggests:

This hairy beast costs five euros a piece, but we offer generous prices with the postage costs covered for single copies:
Finland: 6 euros (Finnish readers will receive a special freebie!)
Europe: 7 euros
Rest of the world: 8,50 euros

Also trades and wholesales are also welcome. Feel free to ask.

You can order the zine by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to our Bigcartel page.

Iron Boris / Pigeon Hunt Split 7” out now!

Meet both Iron Boris and Pigeon Hunt; two vicious and hungry bands who have crafted their modern version of hardcore/punk/otherpunk/noise/whateverman on their own but have now invaded the same record. This sonic assault is delivered on seven inches with the limited pressing of 200 copies. One copy costs you 6 euros (plus the postage).

Since you will most likely order the record and get disappointed because you expected something else, prepare to meet both of them beforehand:

Co-release with mighty Rämekuukkeli, Brown Records and We Are the Trail labels. Distributors and other pals, please free feel to contact us for wholesales or trades!

Order it by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT

Updates 14.1.2015

Aavikon Kone & Moottori - S/t 5 €
Axeslaughter - Savagery & Abuse 6 €
Derrida - Elämälle vieraita piirteitä 5 €
Romutus - S/t 5 €
Split: Iron Boris / Pigeon Hunt 6 €

Abduktio - Perustuu tositapahtumiin / Tuli kulje kanssani 2LP 20 €
Grateful Däd - Moominvalley of the Dolls 12 €
Split: Rust / Agathocles 10 €

Conform - S/t 2 €
Fuck-Ushima - First Come, First Served 3 €
Haare - Musta Magia 5 €
Hess - S/t 3 €

Slug Lord - Transmutation 10 €

Abhorrent Visions # 2 (Forced Kill, Black Crucifixion, Revel in Flesh, Condor, reviews, etc.) 5 €

Sairaus # 3 (Umpio, Lörsson, Vuohi, Zoomonk, articles etc.), 2 €