keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

Abhorrent Visions # 2 OUT NOW!

It's time to let the second installment of Abhorrent Visions mag out of it's leech-infested cage. We have interviews with Forced Kill, Condor, Vigilance, Evilnight, Castle Freak, Carrion-zine, Revel in Flesh and Black Crucifixion. On top of that, there's also some articles and plenty of record, zine and live reviews on 52 A4 sized black & white pages. Written in english! Unlike the first issue, we have now more old school feel to the mag, as the picture down below suggests:

This hairy beast costs five euros a piece, but we offer generous prices with the postage costs covered for single copies:
Finland: 6 euros (Finnish readers will receive a special freebie!)
Europe: 7 euros
Rest of the world: 8,50 euros

Also trades and wholesales are also welcome. Feel free to ask.

You can order the zine by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to our Bigcartel page.

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