sunnuntai 3. toukokuuta 2015

Nurja Kehä # 2 OUT NOW (And updates!)

The second issue of the best doom metal-zine from Finland! Interviews with Sammal, Musta Risti, Leechfeast, Nightslug, shEver, Caskets Open, Bell Witch, Temples, Pyramido and Warp Transmission. Also some reviews, articles, live reports and other stuff.

The zine is written entirely in finnish. There's now 64 gargantuan A4-sized pages of black & white misery. Just like the first issue, this is a co-release with Rämekuukkeli. Let's feel alive!

The price is five euros for a copy. You can order it from us for six euros with the postage (piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or clicking HERE) or Rämekuukkeli (tuukan AT

You can also have both issue of Nurja Kehä (or the new Nurja Kehä zine accompanied with the latest issue of Abhorrent Visions) for ten euros with the postage paid.

And here's something else:

Famine Year – Lopun alkua 6 €

Bad Penny – Houses of Glass 12 €
Boar – Veneficae 12 €
Cause A Riot – Pawns of War 12 €
Enemies – Bind Me a Wreath 15 €
Nicolas Kivilinna – Joka laulun laulaa vaan 15 €
Split: Polite Force / The Torrances 12 €

Enemies – Bind Me a Wreath 5 €


Nurja Kehä # 2 (Warp Transmission, Sammal, Temples, Caskets Open etc.) 5 €