torstai 20. lokakuuta 2016


The third issue of the best doom metal-zine (and only, that's the joke) from Finland! Interviews with Demon Head, Horse Latitudes, Dredged, Cult of Occult, Murder Hollow and Lord Vicar! Also some reviews, articles, live reports and other stuff. You can possibly sense the shift from plain doom metal-zine into something else, since this issue contains loads of movie articles, some museum and book reviews. I also tend to think that the columns regarding zinework activities are possibly worth mentioning as well.

The zine is written entirely in finnish. There's now 60 A4-sized pages of black & white misery, but with some color on the cover. Just like the first two issues, this is a co-release with Rämekuukkeli.

The price is five euros for a copy. You can order it from us for six euros with the postage (piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or clicking HERE) or Rämekuukkeli (tuukan AT

There's still some copies of the second issue left! You can also have both issues of Nurja Kehä (or the new Nurja Kehä zine accompanied with the latest issue of Abhorrent Visions) for ten euros with the postage paid.

And here's the latest additions to the distro:

Frogskin – S/t 5 €
Häpeä – Ei sota yhtä miestä kaipaa 5 €
Loppusijoitus – Paiseena maailman perseessä 5 €

Iron Boris – The Road to Valhöll 12 €

Dredged – Life Desolates Me 5 €
Gray State - Filled With Rage 4 €
Hexhammer – HXH 5 €
Lopun Ajat – II 4 €
Power Surge - Demo 2016 4
Vuosi Nolla - S/t 4 €

Alle Kuuden Euron Pizza (Kokoelmazine, mukana AV14,5, PML, Kancer Kountry Clouds Will Move, FUTI, Paljain Jaloin, Erivapaus) 2 €
Kuuma Linja # 9 (Haistelijat, Jättömaa, Pää Kii Amerikassa etc.) 5 €
Kuuma Linja # 10 (Raatikaisen olutleipä, Sun Ra, Seksihullut & Lokit, etc.) 5 €
Nurja Kehä # 3 (Horse Latitudes, Murder Hollow, Demon Head, Lord Vicar etc.) 5 €

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2016


Shit, I'm lazy in updating these pages. That's why I'm going to bring you some news from JPAR camp when I finally have time to do that.

VUOSI NOLLA is a five-piece crust punk band from Tampere, Finland. They operate in the desolate fields of melodic neocrust, in the vein of those bands which always get namedropped when anyone even dares to say ”crust”. Anyway, you can judge it yourself and taste the tears of mother earth:

GRAY STATE is another example of youthful energy emerging from Pirkanmaa concrete jungle. Located in the Tampere/Sastamala axis, Gray State has chosen metallic hardcore as their weapon of sonic destruction. Beatdown is the name of the game. This is a blue-colored tape version of their EP, which was released on CD last summer. Listen to it here:

Both of these tapes have the same price: 4 € for a copy, plus shipping. Place your orders: piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or click  HERE

We'll announce some more shit next week...and update the distribution list for a change.

Ps. Both RADUX and IRONTEETH tapes are sold out!

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2016

Ajatuksen Valo # 16 OUT NOW

The 16th regiment of Ajatuksen Valo includes the interviews with:

偏執症者 (Paranoid)
Vuosi Nolla
Death Toll 80K

If there's a theme on this issue, it's war: possibly one of the most used and cliché-ridden themes within the punk community, but still necessary. Ajatuksen Valo approaches the war from a wide angle of perspectives: movies,

Once again, there's plenty of reviews and other walls of text written in Finnish. 88 pages, some color on the cover and a handy A5 size. Get your bombardment for 4 euros (6 euros including postage inside Finland).

You can order your copy by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to this page and placing an order there: 

sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2016

Radux - Last Ones To Survive / Radiation Kills Tape OUT NOW

Radux is a thrash metal group from Tampere, Finland, formed in 2013. They were born under the banner true of thrash metal, class of '86. Imagine young blokes trapped in Chernobyl sarcophagus with nothing but classic thrash metal recordings as their sole company. Intense riffing, manic solos, pounding bass, destructive drumwork, rabid vocals. No clean ”life sound” in here, just dirt, radiation and ruins. Intense metal is all that you need.

This cassette release contains both of their demos: fresh ”Last Ones to Survive” is accompanied by their first assault ”Radiation Kills”. Seven hymns of nuclear winter in total!

JPAR is proud to present you this irradiated shrapnel together with Pacto de Sangre Discos, a fresh new label founded by two true metal maniacs.

Single unit costs 5 euros. Order yours by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT Or navigate to Bigcartel!

Some updates:

Lakes – People Protect What They Love 5 €
Nicolas Kivilinna – Lauri Viita 5 €

Grateful Dad – Electric Funreal 12 €


Radux – Last Ones To Survive / Radiation Kills 5 €

sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2016


Ironteeth is a fresh new band from Helsinki, Finland, playing metallic hardcore in the vein of All Out War, Cold World, Blacklisted and such. The band contains some seasoned blood from Lakes, Horros, Locked Up and Lighthouse Project.

JPAR returns from it's hibernation by bringing the debut tape from Ironteeth. Five tracks of dark and brutal hardcore fury. Check it out by yourself:

You can order the tape from yours truly (piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to our Bigcartel page. The price for one tape is 4 euros plus the postage (1,60 € inside Finland).

perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2016

Ajatuksen Valo # 15 OUT NOW

The 15th issue of Ajatuksen Valo is centered on single persons instead of bands. There's just four interviews: Tuomas Ryhänen (Armageddon Clock, Rift, Mustat Levyt record store), JP Jakonen (Abbot, solo artist), Toni Salminen (Lighthouse Project, Kesä, Tikari) and Ville Valavuo (Speedtrap, Perikato, Hard Action, Death Toll 80K). The rest of the content are some pieces of text more or less about Aaron Melnick, Craig Lewis, Brian Epstein, and Jörgen Petersen just to name a few. It's still a mishmash, because some pages deal with the editor's personal issues and thoughts, while some of them are more or less reviwing the most recent efforts by the persons in question. There's also the good old review and 3/5 sections. 76 pages and of course almost entirely in Finnish. And look at the cover: there's color!!!

You can have yours for four euros, or for six euros including the postage inside Finland.

You can order your copy by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to this page and placing an order there:

And some additions to the distro:

Armagedom - Ganância Irracional Extinção Inevitável 5 €
Kohu-63 – Maailmanlopun Blues 5 €
Mustang – Poison / Blood Rain 6 €
The Reality Show – Vicious Cycle of Life 6 €
Spawn From Deceit – New Thrones 5 €
Split: Bloodlands / Cross to Bear 5 €
Split: Panssarijuna / UF Ojala 6 €

Hävitys – Viimeinen erämaa 12 €

Atavisma – Where Wolves Once Dwelled 4 €
Black Bleeding - A Bright Future 4 €
Harhat – S/t 3 €
Internt Oppgjør - 6 Trækk Atækk Demo 3 €
Long Gone – The Truth Beneath 5 €
Ripride – Demo 2015 3 €
Survival Camp – The End is Here 5 €
Ydintalvi – S/t 5 €
Ydintuho – Demo 2015 3 €
Warp Transmission – Tamám Shud 5 €
Various Artists: Terveisiä Jyväskylästä 5 €

Grateful Däd – Moomin Valley of the Dolls 8 €

Ajatuksen Valo # 15 (Tuomas Ryhänen, JP Jakonen, Toni Salminen, Ville Valavuo etc.) 4 €
Kuuma Linja # 8 (Tryer, Draama-Helmi, The Mentors, Melodija etc.) 5 €

Witchcraft # 7 (Cauchemar, Toxik Death, Mirthless, Euronomos etc.) 8 €