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Radux - Last Ones To Survive / Radiation Kills Tape OUT NOW

Radux is a thrash metal group from Tampere, Finland, formed in 2013. They were born under the banner true of thrash metal, class of '86. Imagine young blokes trapped in Chernobyl sarcophagus with nothing but classic thrash metal recordings as their sole company. Intense riffing, manic solos, pounding bass, destructive drumwork, rabid vocals. No clean ”life sound” in here, just dirt, radiation and ruins. Intense metal is all that you need.

This cassette release contains both of their demos: fresh ”Last Ones to Survive” is accompanied by their first assault ”Radiation Kills”. Seven hymns of nuclear winter in total!

JPAR is proud to present you this irradiated shrapnel together with Pacto de Sangre Discos, a fresh new label founded by two true metal maniacs.

Single unit costs 5 euros. Order yours by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT Or navigate to Bigcartel!

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Radux – Last Ones To Survive / Radiation Kills 5 €

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