keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2014

NURJA KEHÄ # 1 OUT NOW (And updates)!

The first issue of Nurja Kehä zine is out! This is a zine made together with Tuukka Rämekuukkeli (who edited Visto and UG zines in the past) and is focused on all things slow and mean. Yes, doom metal. You can consider this as a spiritual follower of AV7 or something like that. Anyway, we have interviews with Mother Susurrus, Lord Vicar, Goatess, Baxter Stockman, Fistula, Sunface, Woodrue ja Skogen Brinner. There's also a fair deal of record and live review, columns and other writings.

The zine is written entirely in finnish. There's 60 gargantuan A4-sized pages of black & white misery. It costs you five euros a piece, plus the shipping. Order yours now by writing to us piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ät or contact Rämekuukkeli.

By the way, there's still AV zines left. Ask for combined shipping! We are generous!

Here's the latest updates for the distro:

Moral Front - Moral Mutiny 5 €
Nerv - Life? 5 €
Ranger - Shock Skull 7 €

Electric Funeral - Total Funeral (Discography 2LP) 18 €
Extended Suicide - S/t 10 €

Nurja Kehä # 1 (Goatess, Sunface, Woodrue, Baxter Stockman, Skogen Brinner etc.) 5 €
Short, Fast & Loud # 27 (Infest, Backslider, reviews) 4 €

Hero Dishonest - Kaikki hajoaa

Arctic Flowers - Reveries
Arctic Flowers - Weaver
Hysterese - S/t

Merries - S/t