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Distro updates 29.4.2012 (CICUTOXIN & KÄPYKAARTI)

These bands know how to roll, but aren't afraid to use some unorthodox instruments as well.


Cicutoxin - Demo 2010 tape

Cicuta virosa is a venomous plant often met in various wet locations. Cicutoxin is the lethal poison in that plant, and also a doom/sludge band from central Finland. Cicutoxin recorded these six fantastic pieces of doom gospel already in 2010, but this monster with elegant sleeves wasn't unleashed until now. They also have a violin, but don't use it in a My Dying Bride-manner. If you're into doomy kind of music, then this is your poison. Instead of renewing your prescription, get some Cicutoxin-tape instead to scare off those demons inside your head.

Listen to some samples here. And by the way, the actual cover differs from the version presented here.


4 €


Käpykaarti - Helppoja ratkaisuja moniulotteisiin ongelmiin 7"

Käpykaarti is a punk band, that should be known by just about everybody. Käpykaarti continues the work which was started by bands like Olotila, Pax Americana and Alakulttuurin Kusipäät. But let's forget them, because Käpykaarti is a story of it's own. A story fueled with political lyrics and a saxophone. This is not their first record, but at least it's their first output on magical seven inches. Four songs full of solutions. Solution? Käpykaarti, the band of the jolly fishermen! And punk is not only about the music? Who would have thought...

Sarasteen Pienmuovi.

4 €

piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ÄT

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Distro updates 28.4.2012 (URBAN UNREST!)

Urban Unrest / Parental Shock -Split LP

Urban Unrest worships USHC, and are not ashamed of it at all, while Parental Shock (which consists of some former Drowning Nation -members) takes care of the punkier side of the cake. And the cover is drawn by Brian Walsby. Use this record to scare your parents and get your hc-kicks, while keeping your middle finger pointed at the system!

United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot Records. 2012.

10 €


Urban Unrest - On a String 7"

A great seven-incher from these HKI-based hardcore kids! Perhaps not the best record they have released, but "On a String" certainly isn't far from it. These six songs have enough power to demolish your home hoods entirely! Hardcore with your square pattern shirts on!

United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot Records. 2009.

4 €


Ajatuksen Valo # 1 is temporarily sold out, but the second pressing is on it's way. Meanwhile, you can ask it from at least from Tuska & Ahdistus, Pupu's Bistro, Psychedelica, Karkia Mistika and Face Your Gods. They still have some copies. OR you can order it straight from Johnny Park, and the zine will be sent to you once the second pressing is in my hairy hands.

lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

Distro updates 20.4.2012 (Carbonized & The Hindu Gods of Love)

These babies have just arrived to JPAR-headquarters:

Carbonized 4 Way Split - Turronizer / Ebola / Sposa in Alto Mare / Hippycrack -tape

Turronizer (Spain), Ebola (Italy) and Sposa in Alto Mare (Italy) represent gritty grindcore, while Hippycrack (Pori, Finland) is the ambassador of more grittier harsh noise. Perfect blend? "Make tape not CDR". Only 300 copies made, and there's only around a few dozen of these babies in Finland.

4 € with postage included. If you order it with something else, it'll be 3,50 €. I got this with both pink and white covers, so please let me know which color you want.


The Hindu Gods of Love - Hometown Hop 10"

Rock your guts out with The Hindu Gods of Love! Six songs and ten inches are enough to keep any rock 'n' roll -addicts satisfied. Smells like garage. If you're going home, then make sure that these Gods are with you!

Psychedelica Records / Krautfish Tapes. 2011.

8 €


Marsuli-zines and Garden of Worm -tapes are sold out. And there's not much of Ajatuksen Valo-zines left... so be quick or be illiterate!

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Johnny Park Avenue Records distro!

Remember, that Johnny Park Avenue Records has also a distro division. Latest additions include:

Alley Gods - North State of Mind 10"

Hardcore from Suomen Turku. Possibly this is their best release yet, featuring speed, fury and a sense of melody. Ten inches of pure hardcore bliss!

Räkälevyt / Poolside Records. 2011.

8 €


Ei Eloonjääneitä - 1st Demo

Anarcho punk from the early 90s from Hämeenlinna, Piparnakkeli's home town. Some of the band members then moved on to play with Sharpeville, and the rest is history. Pressed on black vinyl.

Passing Bells / They Broke My TV -Production. 1993/2011.

4 €

Ei Eloonjääneitä - 2nd Demo

More anarcho from the 13-region, but with a signs of progression when it comes to both musicianship and songwriting. The first demo is not always the best!

Passing Bells / They Broke My TV -Production. 1993/2012.

4 €

Both Ei eloonjääneitä -demos for a special price: 7 € + postage. That's a real bargain, ain't it?


Also, we have a copy of Marsuli # 8 -zine

36 pages. Interviews of Psychedelica Records, Perikato, Sink, Tommi Keränen, Iron Fist of the Sun, Throat and A Dear Girl Called Wendy -label. Xerox n' roll!

1 €


Don't forget, that we already had some new Noituus 7-inch, a You Can't Keep Me Down / Third Man Down -split-7" and a cassette by Garden of Worm. Do not hesitate to contact us. We won't bite.



And by the way, there's only a few copies of Ajatuksen Valo -zine available. You can still have it from Johnny Park Avenue, or from the following retailers:

Face Your Gods (Hämeenlinna)
JÄMÄ-Distro (Tampere)
Karkia Mistika (Pori)
Mögähead (Turku)
Psychedelica (Oulu)
Pupu's Bistro (Jyväskylä)
Räkälevyt (Turku)
Tampere Hardcore Coalition (Tampere)
Tuska & Ahdistus (Tampere)

sunnuntai 8. huhtikuuta 2012


Ajatuksen Valon TR-haastiksesta puuttui jonkin verran tekstiä, joka ilmestyy nelisivuisessa liitteessä. Liite sujahtaa postittamattomien (eli lähes kaikkien) lehtien väliin.

Tästä epämääräisestä paperisilpusta on tulossa Ajatuksen Valo 1,5 zinen ykkösnumeron väliin. DIY!

lauantai 7. huhtikuuta 2012

JPAR-001: Left Cold - Symptoms of Our Time OUT NOW

Hämeenlinnan hardcore-jannut ensimmäistä kertaa vinyylillä! Metallista hardcorea roiskiva viisikko kertoo mikä maailmassa mättää olemalla lähempänä Clevelandia kuin New Yorkia. Seitsemän tuumaa, neljä biisiä.

Julkaisijoilta suoraan ostettuna saa ihanan vihreällä vinyylillä, muilta ostettuna on tyytyminen mustaan!

Hintaa 5 € + postit.

Kimppajulkaisu Face Your Godsin kanssa.

Tilaukset tuttuun (?) tapaan osoitteeseen PIPARNAKKELI PISTE KAMAKARHU ÄT GMAIL.COM


Metallic hardcore from Hämeenlinna, Southern Finland, a bit in the vein of Cleveland masters. The world is going to hell, and Left Cold will sure provide a suitable soundtrack for that ride! Seven inches and four songs of sheer hardcore terror!

Limited green vinyl available. If you order it from someone else than JPAR or FYG, you have to settle for pitch black vinyl.

Co-release with Face Your Gods.

Price is 5 € + postage. Orders via email to PIPARNAKKELI DOT KAMAKARHU AT GMAIL.COM

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Ajatuksen Valo # 1 OUT NOW

Ei ajatusta eikä juuri valoakaan, mutta 44-sivuisen zinen juttuaiheisiin sisältyvät:

- Antimelodix (Venäjä-crust)
- Karkia Mistika Records (Porilainen levy-yhtiö)
- Total Recall (JKL HC)
- Me Wokkivihannekset (Ilmajoki-ramopunk)
- Moshpit Tragedy (Kanadalainen pay-what-you-want-lafka)
- Stolen Kidneys (Pohjoinen hidastelumurjominen)

Lisäksi Setä-Samin palsta, bändiesittelyitä sekä turinaa Christopher Leen hevilevystä. Kokona aina yhtä jämpti A5, ulkoasullisesti ollaan jossain Toisen Vaihtoehdon ja Mutinyn välissä.

Hinta 2 € kädestä käteen, postitse kulut päälle.
Distroilla neuvotteluvaraa. Tilaukset osoitteeseen PIPARNAKKELI PISTE KAMAKARHU ÄT GMAIL.COM

Ei, tämä ei ole JPAR-001. Se on vielä tulossa, mutta on kylläkin ihan piakkoin hyppysissä.

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Still alive

We're still alive. JPAR-001 is almost here, as well as JPAR-002 and JPAR-001,5. JPAR-003 and JPAR-004 are in the works.