lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

Distro updates 20.4.2012 (Carbonized & The Hindu Gods of Love)

These babies have just arrived to JPAR-headquarters:

Carbonized 4 Way Split - Turronizer / Ebola / Sposa in Alto Mare / Hippycrack -tape

Turronizer (Spain), Ebola (Italy) and Sposa in Alto Mare (Italy) represent gritty grindcore, while Hippycrack (Pori, Finland) is the ambassador of more grittier harsh noise. Perfect blend? "Make tape not CDR". Only 300 copies made, and there's only around a few dozen of these babies in Finland.

4 € with postage included. If you order it with something else, it'll be 3,50 €. I got this with both pink and white covers, so please let me know which color you want.


The Hindu Gods of Love - Hometown Hop 10"

Rock your guts out with The Hindu Gods of Love! Six songs and ten inches are enough to keep any rock 'n' roll -addicts satisfied. Smells like garage. If you're going home, then make sure that these Gods are with you!

Psychedelica Records / Krautfish Tapes. 2011.

8 €


Marsuli-zines and Garden of Worm -tapes are sold out. And there's not much of Ajatuksen Valo-zines left... so be quick or be illiterate!

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