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Distro updates 28.4.2012 (URBAN UNREST!)

Urban Unrest / Parental Shock -Split LP

Urban Unrest worships USHC, and are not ashamed of it at all, while Parental Shock (which consists of some former Drowning Nation -members) takes care of the punkier side of the cake. And the cover is drawn by Brian Walsby. Use this record to scare your parents and get your hc-kicks, while keeping your middle finger pointed at the system!

United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot Records. 2012.

10 €


Urban Unrest - On a String 7"

A great seven-incher from these HKI-based hardcore kids! Perhaps not the best record they have released, but "On a String" certainly isn't far from it. These six songs have enough power to demolish your home hoods entirely! Hardcore with your square pattern shirts on!

United Shoebrothers / Rabbit's Foot Records. 2009.

4 €


Ajatuksen Valo # 1 is temporarily sold out, but the second pressing is on it's way. Meanwhile, you can ask it from at least from Tuska & Ahdistus, Pupu's Bistro, Psychedelica, Karkia Mistika and Face Your Gods. They still have some copies. OR you can order it straight from Johnny Park, and the zine will be sent to you once the second pressing is in my hairy hands.

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