torstai 20. lokakuuta 2016


The third issue of the best doom metal-zine (and only, that's the joke) from Finland! Interviews with Demon Head, Horse Latitudes, Dredged, Cult of Occult, Murder Hollow and Lord Vicar! Also some reviews, articles, live reports and other stuff. You can possibly sense the shift from plain doom metal-zine into something else, since this issue contains loads of movie articles, some museum and book reviews. I also tend to think that the columns regarding zinework activities are possibly worth mentioning as well.

The zine is written entirely in finnish. There's now 60 A4-sized pages of black & white misery, but with some color on the cover. Just like the first two issues, this is a co-release with Rämekuukkeli.

The price is five euros for a copy. You can order it from us for six euros with the postage (piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or clicking HERE) or Rämekuukkeli (tuukan AT

There's still some copies of the second issue left! You can also have both issues of Nurja Kehä (or the new Nurja Kehä zine accompanied with the latest issue of Abhorrent Visions) for ten euros with the postage paid.

And here's the latest additions to the distro:

Frogskin – S/t 5 €
Häpeä – Ei sota yhtä miestä kaipaa 5 €
Loppusijoitus – Paiseena maailman perseessä 5 €

Iron Boris – The Road to Valhöll 12 €

Dredged – Life Desolates Me 5 €
Gray State - Filled With Rage 4 €
Hexhammer – HXH 5 €
Lopun Ajat – II 4 €
Power Surge - Demo 2016 4
Vuosi Nolla - S/t 4 €

Alle Kuuden Euron Pizza (Kokoelmazine, mukana AV14,5, PML, Kancer Kountry Clouds Will Move, FUTI, Paljain Jaloin, Erivapaus) 2 €
Kuuma Linja # 9 (Haistelijat, Jättömaa, Pää Kii Amerikassa etc.) 5 €
Kuuma Linja # 10 (Raatikaisen olutleipä, Sun Ra, Seksihullut & Lokit, etc.) 5 €
Nurja Kehä # 3 (Horse Latitudes, Murder Hollow, Demon Head, Lord Vicar etc.) 5 €

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