sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013

Lord Fist "Spark for the Night" reissue announcement and distro updates

The "Spark for the Night" demo by mighty Lord Fist will be reissued again. The JPAR issue was published in December 2012 and was sold out within a week. Once again it's on tape, but now the print is practically unlimited. It should hit the mountainsides in early 2014, probably January or February. The tape will be available for preorders as soon as the details are confirmed. Stay tuned!

And note that ABHORRENT VISIONS zine is out!



Käpykaarti - Yksinkertaisia ratkaisuja moniulotteisiin ongelmiin 4 €


Baxter Stockman - Punter 12 €
Fleshpress - Tearing Skyholes 2LP 17 €
Käpykaarti - S/t 8 €


Abhorrent Visions # 1, 5 €

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