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Abhorrent Visions # 1 (metal zine) OUT NOW

Cover art by Tuomas Tiainen

The first issue of Abhorrent Visions-zine is almost here! The release date for this printed magazine is the 28th of December. On this issue, there's interviews with:

Spiritus Mortis
Lord Fist
Wytch Hazel
Iron Dogs
Under the Church

Add some other writings (eg. record and live reviews) in as well. That's 56 pages written in english, The pages are printed in black & white and the page size is A4.

The price for the single copy is 5 euros. We accept Paypal and ship worldwide, with the following rates for single copies:

Finland: 6 euros including shipping.
Europe: 7/8 euros including shipping (economy class/priority class).
Rest of the world: Ordering single copies is quite expensive. If you want to use economy class, the price with the postage would be 8 euros, and in the priority class 12 euros, so it's advisable to ask your local distributors if they want to distribute this zine.

If you want to order some other shit too, please contact us and we'll take a look at your order. And yes, the shipping fees are high, but that's the finnish postal services!

We're always looking for distributors, so if you think that this zine fits with our distro, don't hesitate to drop a message. We do give reasonable wholesale discounts.

By the way, this zine was made by a hippie who occasionally makes anti-nazi statements in his zines, including this one. Please keep that in mind before placing an order or an enquiry.

For orders and enquiries, write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu (at) and we send you further instructions.¨

You can also place your order thru our Bigcartel page. Just follow the instructions in the description field for correct shipping costs.

You can follow this zine on Facebook as well:


And here's the latest arrivals at the distro:

1981 – In the Dead of the Night 4 €
Raptus – Vehkalahden demonit 5 €

Ascenced – Temple of Dark Offerings 12 €
Iron Dogs – Free and Wild 14 €

Coming soon:

Sammohan – S/t
Split: Sink / Marzuraan
Warp Transmission – TBA

Baxter Stockman – Punter*
Bölzer - Aura
Fleshpress – Tearing Skyholes*

Iron Dogs – Free and Wild
Possession - His Best Deceit

Abhorrent Visions # 1

Kancer Kountry # 5

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