torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Puukotus / Musta Oksennus - Split tape OUT NOW

JPAR-008 is finally out. Don't expect superior (sound) quality. This split tape is far from it.

Puukotus is a two-piece band from Kotka, Finland. There's no guitar, because they don't need it, as they can generate chaotic, a bit old schoolish hardcore without it. There's two songs which were left out from their first EP, which was released in summer of 2012. There's also two cover songs and two live songs.

Musta Oksennus is a five-piece noisecore act from Pori, Finland. They are spesialized (!) to create chaotic noise, but now it seems that they are trying to actually play their instruments. Not that you can call it music, though. So far, they have released only cassette releases thru various labels. On this tape you can find some "songs" from the Musta Oksennus side. No-one knows the exact amount of those tunes.

There's also a new mini-issue of Ajatuksen Valo zine out now to be carried with split orders. It's free and will not be sold separately, at least for now. It's a bonus, see? This A5 sized, ultracrappy zine has 20 pages of cut&paste shit, and is very limited. You can actually get it only by ordering the tape straight from the label or the bands.

The price is only two (2) euros, plus shipping (90 cents when shipped to Finland). Can you complain? Trades are also welcome! Write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT

The distro list will be updated. No new stuff apart from Blossom Hill - Sidetracks LP for now. Sorry.

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