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News, new releases and updates! (16.3.2013)

Horros from Hämeenlinna plays apocalyptic crust and they say that they worship Morbid Angel. Now the repress of first Horros 7" (originally released in 2011) is released. It is available from the band and JPAR in grey or greenish  (limited) vinyl. The grey edition is available for wholesales and trades are also more than welcome! Both versions will cost 5 euros hand-to-hand, 6 euros with postage. Distros will have these for cheaper, of course.

This is a limited edition aimed at their european tour in late May/early June. The dates are currently following:

Thu 16.5. Lepakkomies, Helsinki FIN
Fri 17.5. XI.20, Vilnius LIT
Sat 18.5. TBA, Warsaw POL
Sun 19.5. ADK Berza, Ruda Śląska POL
Mon 20.5. Plan B, Ostrava CZE

Tue 21.5. Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow POL
Wed 22.5. TBA, Wroclaw POL
Thu 23.5. TBA HELP
Fri 24.5. Gerberstr 3, Weimar GER
Sat 25.5. Hella, Ujezd u Cerhovic CZE
Sun 26.5. TBA HELP
Mon 27.5. TBA, Szczecin POL
Tue 28.5. DAY OFF
Wed 29.5. Koma-F, Berlin GER
Thu 30.5. Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61, Copenhagen DEN
Fri 31.5. 128(A), Göteborg SWE
Sat 1.6. Boltic-Stugan, Karlstad SWE

For orders and inquiries, write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT


The Puukotus / Musta Oksennus -split tape is almost here, finally, on quality superior [sic] Computape cassettes! It will be released 21st March and the release party will be held at Vastavirta in Tampere (Phinland) the same date... ... if everything proceeds as planned, that is.

Anyway, Puukotus, Derrida, Death Toll 80K and the mighty Death Trip will perform at Vastavirta, so be there! The tape will be available from the Puukotus dudes and Musta Oksennus chipmunks as well, but further info will be provided when the time is right. There's a small bonus planned as well. In addition to Vastavirta date, Puukotus, Derrida and Death Toll 80K will also throw some other gigs, so here's the dates for this tour:

Thu 21.3.2013. Tampere, Vastavirta w/ Death Trip
Fri 22.3.2013. Kotka, Backroom
Sat 23.3.2013. Turku, TVO w/ Foreseen, M.O.R.A, Büfo


And here's a new (albeit small) update:

Horros - S/t (both green and grey vinyl available) 5 €

Chestburster - Born to Disappoint 4 €


JPAR's favorite record store Mustat Levyt in Hämeenlinna will cease to exist towards the end of March. JPAR is very saddened by this loss, not only because Hämeenlinna will lose one of it's brightest spots, but also because Mustat Levyt and it's predecessor Levykellari have supported JPAR by providing countless of hours of joy through records, and they have had (and still have) some JPAR releases - both records and zines - for sale, too. I salute you!

The funeral will be held in 30th of March. Hämeenlinna, Finland. 

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