torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013


Haven't been updating this site for ages... but here's some news! The brand new issue of Ajatuksen Valo -zine is out now!

Disorder (UK82)
Rift (melodic punk, Tampere)
Death Rides a Horse (heavy/stoner metal, Denmark)
Usko (liejusludge, Lahti )
Iron Dogs (speed metal, Canada)
Lord Fist (Mikkeli heavy metal warriors)
Loser Life (Bakersfield misery, melodic hardcore)
Dead Moose (Jyväskylä punk rock)
Carpe Diem (28 crew [=Pori] metallic hardcore)
+ Other writings about seven inch records and of course, whining. This will be the last issue of Ajatuksen Valo with this kind of a mish-mash content. "Nyt täytyy alkaa skarppaileen."

56 pages. B&W, A5. Digitally printed. Looks convincing and is heavy as an anvil, if you ask your mailman. Written entirely in finnish.

The price is once again 2,5 euros. If this is the only product you order, then the price will be 3,5 euros, INCLUDING postage. Yeah, it's cheap.

Some copies of Ajatuksen Valo # 4 are still available. If you decide to order both available issues (4 and 5, silly you), then the price will be 6 euros with postage included. The price will be 6 euros too if you decide to order two copies of AV5. Think about that!

For orders, write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ÄT or use smoke signals.

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