lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

Ajatuksen Valo # 13 OUT NOW

13th issue of Ajatuksen Valo is dedicated to the town which started it all: Hämeenlinna. In short, there's interviews with Dachau, Pyhäkoulu, Horros, Long Gone and some geezers who identified themselves as "13 Crew" the 90s. There's also some other written word about the city of shattered dreams. 88 pages of black & white misery in neat A5 size. Written in finnish, again!

You can have yours for four euros, or for five euros including the postage inside Finland.

You can order your copy by writing to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT or navigating to this page and placing an order there:


We have some updates on the distro department, too.

Kuudes Silmä - Kuolemaa 6 €

Lapinpolthajat - III 10 €

Dredged - In sickness and unhealth 5 €

Ajatuksen Valo # 13 (Dachau, Pyhäkoulu, Horros, Long Gone, 13 crew, etc.) 4 €
Mummon Uutiset # 1 (Katujen Äänet, Vuosi Nolla, Sammakka-Pop etc.) 3 €

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