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Väistä! - Sivuraiteella 7” OUT NOW & UPDATES

We finally had our copies of this Sivuraiteella EP by the Turku City Hardcore Kids VÄISTÄ! The band has it's roots deep within the Turku hardcore scene, but this is totally different kind of hardcore than the bands they have played with previously. This five-song record is their second output on vinyl. No metal, just punk and groovy riffage with an old school touch! Check for yourself!

You can have yours for five euros (+postage) and the record is naturally available for wholesales and trades too. We also have a few copies available on purple and white vinyl, so be quick if you want to grab one.

Write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT for orders!

Demon Head – Demon Head / Winterland 7 €
Maailmanloppu – Haista vittu maailma 6 €
Väistä! - Sivuraiteella 5 €

Horros – Maailman palkka 12 €

Agent Attitude – UK Tour Promo Tape 3 €

Reluctant Mosher # 2 (The Flex, Agent Attitude, Hårda Tider, Night Fever) 4 €
Reluctant Mosher # 3 (Broken Teeth, Coke Bust, The Flex, Clean Shirts), 4 €

Coming soon:

Hero Dishonest – Kaikki hajoaa

Arctic Flowers – Reveries
Arctic Flowers – Weaver
Electric Funeral – Discography 2LP
Extended Suicide - 12”

Distortion Faith -compliation (Kohti Tuhoa, Paranoid, Bloodsuckers, Kafka, Warchild, SNØB)


JPAR will be hitting something for print soon with fellow Rämekuukkeli Records. Stay tuned!

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