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Tii Nakujalka was formed a few years ago in Hämeenlinna, Finland. So far they have released a "Rukousnauha" tape thru Shitsuck Tapes and 7-inch split with Haistelijat thru Joteskii Groteskii. JG actually assisted on this one as well, with the little help of Persnetto Records, Likainen Avaruus and Piiri. Alright, we were all equally taking part in this.

Anyway, they play progressive punk but keep it dirty. Tii Nakujalka's music has been described as "a ride on broken moped into Hell". The LP contains seven pieces of terror, and you can have yours for ten euros! Check the samples here!

Tailgunner, on the other hand, is a young heavy metal quartet from Joensuu, Finland. They play traditional heavy metal with some doom metal leanings, and the band members are previously known from Misty Knight. This tape contains two songs of pure heavy metal bomb raid! One epic and slow tune, one faster blaster. Fans for heavy metal! Check slow! And check fast! Costs you four euros!

Write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT for orders. JPAR's Bigcartel page will be updated shortly. Naturally, the postage will be added to prices.

Annotation - S/t 4 €
Cold Institution - S/t 5 €
Kohti Tuhoa – S/t 6 €
Käpykaarti - Elämäntehtävä-EP 5 €
Split: SA-INT / MKHC 5 €
Valse Triste – Sininen Hetki 5 €

Kaupungin Valot - Huomiseen 12 €
Ripcord - Discography Part I - The Damage Is Done + Defiance Of Power 11 €
Ripcord - Discography Part II - Harvest Hardcore Poetic Justice ‎11 €
Ripcord - Discography Part III - From Demo Slaves To Radiowaves 11 €
Tii Nakujalka - S/t 10 €
Vitamin X - About to Crack 12 €
Vredesmord - 1000 Aldrig Nog 12 €

Distortion Faith # 6 (Siege, Ydinaseeton Pohjola, Nekromantiker etc.) 3 €
More Noize # 10 (Confuse, Swankys, Sieg Heil etc.) 3 €
Tekken # 6 (Nicolas Kivilinna, Mikko Ensio, Volvo-Markkanen etc.) 4 €
4 €

Nolls - V 2 €
Tailgunner - Year of the Voyager / Count Noire 4 €

Coming soon:
Maailmanloppu - Elä! / Lasin takana
Tiistain Kyynel - Sosiaalista kohinaa
Viimeinen Kolonna - O.T.E.P,

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