lauantai 19. huhtikuuta 2014

Pelkkä Väliviiva - Muistoja konserttilavoilta live tape OUT NOW and distro updates

This is a live tape by Pelkkä Väliviiva, a project by the man involved with Sur-rur, Seksihullut and Home Video, Ville Vuorenmaa. Here we have two live shows recorded in Turku featuring some tracks from Pelkkä Väliviiva LP, some previously unreleased material and Sur-rur songs. There's some introverted music for around one hour over here!

Currently there's no real samples available, but here's some Pelkkä Väliviiva studio tracks. Note that the Pelkkä Väliviiva live experience is much more minimalistic and raw than the studio outputs.

This is a joint-release with Joteskii Groteskii. The tape is also available for wholesales, however just in small amounts.

The price is four euros, five euros including the shipping inside Finland.

Write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu AT for orders.

Distro list updated.

Kiljuvelka-70 – Tottele! 6 €
Warp Transmission – Accidents & Madness (restock) 5 €

Barbie – Zombie of Your Own Will 5 €
Pelkkä Väliviiva – Muistoja konserttilavoilta 4 €
Various Artist – Pommi Kuusaan Sanomien konttoriin (Kouvola punk comp, incl. Proteesi, Side 15, Prostituutio, Jojo, Hotelli Voodoo) 5 €

Heikki Hautala – Pyövelin vaatteet 10 €
Metal On Metal IV: The Fourth Crusade (finnish death metal comp.) 8 €


Ripple Rock # 2 (John Darnielle, Joe Keithley, Swampland, Ville Törhönen, Boyd Devereaux) 4 €

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