tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

Ajatuksen Valo #3 OUT NOW

It's time to have the third issue of Ajatuksen Valo released. It was delayed a bit, but it doesn't matter. Looks like the second issue.

Interviews with:

Lapinpolthajat (punk/hardcore from Lapland)
Mr. Peter Hayden (psychedelic sludge)
Kassumessu (The man with lots of cassettes)
Blue Cross (Canadian post punk)
A.R.G. (reindeer metal)
Necrolepsy (Autopsy worshipping death metal)
Kylmä Sota (distorted d-beat)

+ Petrozavodsk scene report
+ History of Risk (aka Faithul Breath Part 2)
+ Thoughts
+ Another pointless query
+ Inverted crosses and reindeers.

52 pages. Black & White, as usual. Finnish.

Due to larger page amount, the price had to be lifted up to 2,5 €, hand to hand. It's 3 € including the postage.

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