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A follow-up for their "Brutal Ethnology" -EP (released late 2010), the second record by Sircuscus has finally descended from the top of the totem. "Traumambo" is a bit more polished and more diverse than "Brutal Ethnology", and expands the musical visions of this three piece group. They even sing the entire LP in spanish. Eleven songs. File under: Artpunk. For the fans of NoMeansNo, Deep Turle, Mr. Bungle, Melvins and such. Or not. Listen to the samples here. By the way, this band has nothing to do with the band Sirkus CousCous and disco.  If you ask me, this is closer to punk than prog, but I think it's too much for the real punks to take.

Co-release with Traumambo Records.

Because it's still kreisikesä, there's a generous offer valid until the end of August. The record will cost you 15 euros including postage inside Finland. Normal price is 10 euros.

For orders, write to piparnakkeli.kamakarhu ÄT 

DISTROS! Ask for prices and trades are also more than welcome!

If you don't want to support me, then you can buy the record from some distributors: Johnny Park Avenue Distro (Tampere [oh wait, that's me!]), Pupu's Bistro (Jyväskylä), Tuska & Ahdistus (Tampere), Creative Class War (Oulu), Mustat Levyt (Hämeenlinna) and Karkia Mistika (Pori). Also Traumambo Records will (of course) sell these records in Pori region.

And yeah, this is a vinyl record. CD version is in the works.

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